As a family run business we are proud to take responsibility, offering ownership to what we do, and give that personal service to all our clients. Tonight on BBC three at 9pm watch Hidden Histories – Britain’s Oldest Family Business’s.
Supporting British industry and keeping old traditional manufacturing crafts going for future generations are slowly becoming things of the past.
Our shopping behaviour has changed, it’s not about enjoyment, satisfaction, quality or choices anymore but about bargains, a quick immediate purchase and having what everyone else has.
We are becoming a nation that is making huge corporate companies richer; we encourage their cut throat approach and the government allows them to suffocate smaller business by allowing them to take over and branch out to all services.
We no longer cherish our heritage, look after our forgotten industry’s and are not getting the satisfaction for buying quality over mass produced produce, which is quite often sourced from overseas.
It’s evident that we like the idea of supporting local British industry, we like the idea that English heritage is striving and exists but the reality is we are forgetting to support and consider smaller companies that are striving to carry on regardless.

Here is one of our bespoke kitchens; its hand painted with oak internal cabinetry and has granite worktops. It features an island with a seating area, hanging pot rack and a circular drum cabinet on the end. Full height cabinets including breakfast dresser, larders and pan drawers.
The house is a large Victorian house that was previously used for offices. And when we were first commissioned to the project, the house was just being renovated and converted; enabling the internal rooms to become functional for family living.
The original kitchen was very limited due to lack of wall space; we needed to design a large family kitchen by incorporating 3 rooms into one space.
The kitchen had to compliment and involve the period features, such as making the most of the huge bay window, and the kitchen over mantel was made from using the stone & surround from the original fireplace.
The design style of the cabinets are classic with cock beading around all doors and drawers, shaker style panelling, traditional cornice and solid plinths.