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Bespoke Fitted Kitchens Oxford

bespoke fitted kitchens oxford

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History of Oxford – Architecture

Oxford is the only city within the gorgeous county of Oxfordshire. It is known for many things such as its universities, libraries, and of course it’s many historic buildings.

Bespoke Fitted Kitchens Oxford

Salcey Cabinet Makers serve this stunning city, and beyond, offering handmade bespoke kitchens and furniture – each uniquely designed to fit your beautiful Oxfordshire home.


The poet Mathew Arnold called Oxford the “City Of Dreaming Spires” after its stunning architecture. Below we jump back into history to look at 3 significant architectural landmarks within Oxford. 

The Radcliffe Camera

This circular building with its spectacular domed roof is a significant landmark in Oxford and was built between 1737 and 1749.

Taking much inspiration from Palladian architecture, James Gibbs designed the Radcliffe Camera. Palladianism was influenced by architect Andrea Palladio and is characterised by classical forms, the perspective of the viewer, and symmetry.

Moreover, the interior of this iconic building continues this style of design with some incredible archways and details within the stonework.

During the 1800s classical statues and polished ancient marbles were donated and displayed within the library. Members of the public began visiting the Radcliffe Camera to view both the exhibits and the buildings architecture – suggesting that it was seen as more than just a library.

Here at Salcey Cabinet Makers, we handmake all our bespoke kitchens and furniture. We have, in the past, designed and made a range of bespoke libraries and bookshelves in both traditional and modern styles.

oxford bespoke kitchens

University Church of St Mary the Virgin

This church dates back to the 1270s with one of its oldest and most defining features being the Gothic spire. It is one of Oxfords best known landmarks and its spire is deemed to be the most beautiful in Britain.

Evidently, it is detailed with triple gabled pinnacles, gargoyles, and intricate statues. The baroque porch has some stunning features, including the pair of twisted composite columns and the statue of the Virgin and the Child standing upon a semi-gothic pedestal.


The Radcliffe Observatory

The Radcliffe Observatory, built in 1773, is an important monument in early neo-classical architecture. Neo-classical architecture is characterised by grandeur of scale, simple geometric forms, Greek or Roman details, and columns.

The Radcliffe Observatory originally began the building process following the designs of architect Henry Keene, but later changed to designs by James Wyatt. James Wyatt took much inspiration from the 1st century ‘Tower of the Winds’ in Athens. Often this building is considered to be architecturally Europe’s finest observatory.

It was a running observatory from 1773 up until 1934 when it was sold by the Radcliffe Trustees who then built a new observatory in South Africa where the atmosphere was less polluted. At the present time, the Radcliffe Observatory houses Green Templeton’s common room, dining area, and kitchen.

oxford bespoke kitchens

Salcey Cabinet Makers are makers of beautiful bespoke fitted kitchens and propose a full bespoke service to any requirement, from hand drawn designs to final installation. No awkward spaces, uneven walls, low ceilings, beams, or any feature is a problem for the expertise of our Cabinet Makers.

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