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Aspire to make your home different and stand out, fill it with what you want, love and what makes you happy.

Why You Should Have a Bespoke Bathroom

Find out the benefits to having a bespoke bathroom and exactly why they’re such a great investment for your home.

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Timeless Kitchen Trends

The top timeless kitchen trends to incorporate into your design. Shaker style kitchens, hand-painted cabinetry, large islands and more.

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How The Arts & Crafts Movement Inspired Furniture Design

Discover how a worldwide movement changed and inspired the world of design. What is Arts and Crafts furniture and how did it come about?

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2023 – Bespoke Kitchen & Furniture Overview

An overview of some stunning projects we completed this year – from traditional bespoke kitchens, all the way to sleek modern bedrooms.

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Types of Worktops For Your Bespoke Kitchen

What are the best worktops for your bespoke kitchen? Granite, Quartz, Timber, Solid Surfaces, Metals, Concrete.

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Why You Should Have Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes

Why You Should Have Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes Wardrobes are essential to keeping our bedrooms and dressing rooms organised and tidy. Without a wardrobe our clothes would end up strewn across the floor, so it’s important that your wardrobe not only reflects your personality in its appearance, but also that it fits exactly what you need […]

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Furniture and Interior Design Through the Years

Both furniture and interior design are continuously expanding subjects. Through changes in human living, technology advancement, and growing access to global travel, design has come a long way since the start.

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A Bespoke Kitchen Renovation

Over 15 years ago, here at Salcey Cabinet Makers, we designed and hand-made this traditional style bespoke kitchen. Since then, a new family have moved into this home and recently contacted us wishing to adapt this handmade kitchen to suit their personal taste.

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Furniture Design & History of 5 Homes in Britain

Explore 5 distinct homes in Britain that each come from different points in history. Through furniture design, experimental interiors, and traditional characteristics, each home has its own unique story.

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Getting your Bespoke Kitchen Ready for Summer

In recent weeks we have really started to feel the summer heat and with hotter days yet to come here are some tips on how to get your bespoke kitchen ready for the peak of summer! Deep clean The first key step into preparing your bespoke kitchen for the summer is to do a full […]

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