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10 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Bespoke Kitchen

Why Should You Choose a Bespoke Kitchen?

The Oxford Dictionary defines the word ‘bespoke’ to mean ‘made for a particular customer or user’. Below you will find a list of 10 different reasons why a bespoke kitchen is the most beneficial solution for your home – now and in the future.


Bespoke kitchen

One of the main reasons you should opt for a bespoke kitchen is the complete freedom to choose exactly what you want – no restrictions, no limitations, and endless ways to bring your own ideas to life.

You are involved in the process every step of the way. Whether you want a top of the range professional kitchen, something totally different with bright bold colours, quirky storage solutions, or something more traditional, every choice is down to you. This level of freedom allows you to create your perfect dream kitchen with you and your personality in every detail.


Unlike mass produced kitchens, bespoke kitchens are guaranteed to last. Although you may be able to find an off the shelf kitchen that looks nice, the quality is nothing compared to that of a bespoke one.

When each and every detail is thought through with care and precision, and handmade by skilled cabinet makers using the finest hand-selected materials, you really can’t go wrong.

Even if say, 10 years down the line you felt you wanted to switch things up – like having a new paint colour – this can easily be achieved.


ONE OF A KIND furniture

Because you personally get to make every choice throughout the entire process, your kitchen will become truly one of a kind. It’s the perfect way to showcase your individual style and personality, ensuring that your kitchen truly feels like it belongs in your home. While bespoke kitchens do come at a premium compared to those that are mass produced, it is a lifetime investment that will be forever unique to you.


Choosing to go bespoke means that your kitchen will be carefully designed and handmade to fit your specific measurements and requirements exactly.

So any awkward corners, low ceilings, uneven walls, or even a different worktop height – this can all be easily worked around so that your kitchen blends into your room with a snug and perfect fit.


Often, off-the-shelf kitchens won’t be suitable for a listed property. Graded buildings commonly have limits and restrictions as to what you are allowed to do with them, as well as distinctive or unusual design features that make fitting a pre-fabricated kitchen impossible. With a bespoke kitchen it is easy to cater for this. We can work around these restrictions whilst still designing and producing a gorgeous and characterful kitchen especially for you and your unique home.


Bespoke kitchen home

For many, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where your day begins, where you and your family come together for meals, it’s where you socialise and make memories. Creating a space in which you feel totally comfortable, at ease, and of course at home, really makes all those special moments even better.


When choosing bespoke you have the opportunity to enhance your storage space by including areas specialised for specific items/appliances. For example, a bread mixer can get in your way, but with a designated space designed into the kitchen it’ll keep it looking a part of the room as well as making it more efficient to use.


no restrictions bespoke Kitchen

Standard sizes and styles can seriously limit your choices and make it much more difficult to fill those smaller/non-standard areas in your kitchen. You might have to cram cabinets into small spaces or try to fill sloped ceilings with a square cabinet, with the end look being rather awkward.

Ideally, you want your kitchen to not only blend in seamlessly with your home, but to have a nice flow when you’re using it. Bespoke kitchens have the power to transform challenging spaces into wonderful and usable solutions that also feel like they belong.


If you have a special piece of furniture, perhaps an antique or something inherited, you may want to incorporate this into your kitchen. At Salcey Cabinet Makers, with our decades of experience, we are able to offer a special colour matching service. This means that if you want your kitchen to match the colour, finish, and/or style of an existing piece of furniture, we can design everything to perfectly complement that piece.


As mentioned previously, standardised kitchens can be restrictive, and if you need a kitchen that is more accessible this can severely limit your options. For example, if you are a wheelchair user, standard worktop heights may not be suitable for you.

Choosing bespoke means that your kitchen will be designed with you and the way you use your kitchen at the forefront. You are able to create a space that you can use with comfort and ease, no matter what your needs are.

So, there you have it. Choosing a bespoke kitchen may cost more, but it comes with a host of benefits. Plus you will leave with a lifetime investment into which you have poured your own unique personality.

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