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Timeless Kitchen Trends

Below we jump into some classic and timeless kitchen trends – perfect to consider when designing your bespoke kitchen

Large Islands

Large islands can really accentuate a timeless kitchen design. In terms of benefits they are multi-purposeful – not only do they provide more worksurface area but they also create a space for additional seating. Islands help your kitchen feel connected and can add flow in the way that it is used. On top of this, it also gives you space for more storage – whether it be deep drawers, cupboards, or integrated appliances, it opens a whole new area to maximise your kitchen space. 

Shaker Style Kitchens

The shaker style kitchen is a classic design that we have seen consistently for years. With its simple and traditional design that dates back to the 18th century, it is safe to say it will never go out of style.

Shaker kitchens are defined by their simple panelling – making them incredibly versatile when it comes to what designs they complement. Whether you’re looking for something minimalistic or characterful, hand-painted or oiled, the shaker style certainly works in almost any kitchen.

Hand-painted Cabinetry 

Opting for hand-painted cabinetry will always be a timeless kitchen trend. Neutral colours such as off-whites, greys, and pale blues, have remained a classic and popular choice – they allow a subtle addition of colour whilst also the ability to keep the space feeling bright and spacious.

However, recently we have seen a surge of bolder colours making their way into peoples kitchens. From deep blues and dark greens, to even hues of pink – using colour as a statIement or feature for your kitchen can certainly be stunning. Whatever colour you choose for your hand-painted cabinetry it is sure to add an extra personal touch.

Personalised Storage Solutions

Including hidden and personalised storage solutions into your kitchen is something that you could never regret. While open shelving and displayed items certainly bring life into a kitchen, it’s key to not over-clutter the area.

Some great storage solutions that maximise all use of space include, large pantries, pull out corner cupboards, or even areas dedicated to a hobby. Such as the baking station in the image below with a sliding quartz worktop and pocket doors. Optimising these spaces and personalising them to suit exactly what you need allows your kitchen to remain organised and looking picture-perfect everyday. 

Bespoke Cabinetry

The last timeless kitchen trend of this blog is, of course, bespoke cabinetry. Opting for a bespoke kitchen is an investment – it provides you with a kitchen that has been expertly hand-made and is of the highest quality. It also means that the entire kitchen has been designed specifically for you. So not only does it ensure that your kitchen will last you a lifetime, but also that it will be completely unique and perfectly suited for your home.

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