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How Much Does a Handmade Bespoke Kitchen Cost?

How Much Does a Bespoke Kitchen Cost?

It’s a complex question for a straightforward answer.  It’s like asking how much a wedding costs – If you are being offered a genuine bespoke service then there are many decisions to be made and options available to you.

Ultimately, the client should be able to navigate and choose what they want without being restricted by craftsmanship, set sizes, and design style choices.

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What is true bespoke?

Firstly, you should distinguish whether we are comparing like for like, and whether you are actually getting something bespoke rather than something that’s been made to look bespoke.

Sometimes the term bespoke is used for products and services that aren’t actually bespoke at all. The cabinetry may be aesthetically pleasing with some features untypical of cheaper to mid-range kitchens. But if you dig a little deeper, they are mass-produced from a set range and wouldn’t actually stand the test of time.

If you’re choosing from a range, then you will be choosing a pre-set sized kitchen.

Bespoke kitchen cost

Knowing It’s The Best It Can Be

When a company is offering a Bespoke kitchen service, they shouldn’t be basing their products on budgeting or sourcing the cheapest materials.

They should be always seeking the best elements and offering prime sourced timbers. For example, selecting the best drawer runners – such as Blum soft close that come with a lifetime guarantee. Every detail should be of a high quality and made with care.

Cost Differences

The decisions in each material and detail can completely alter the total cost of a kitchen.

For example, the difference between a reclaimed pine kitchen and an American black walnut kitchen (same sizes and configuration) would be thousands of pounds.

Hand selected solid timber is much more costly than manmade alternatives. Real veneer work is also misplaced and misunderstood and is in fact a skilled technique. The cost of a handle may start at £8, yet some can cost over £100. Choosing to have drawers rather than cupboards also would raise up the total cost.

As you can see, each and every choice can affect the cost of a bespoke kitchen. This is why it is hard to pinpoint a single answer.


There is a huge range of choice when it comes to worktops which can vary the cost even more so. From solid timber, to natural stone, to even something like concrete or copper, they each vary in cost. Some clients may even want to incorporate a mix of texture by choosing multiple worktops throughout the kitchen. There are no limitations as to what can be achieved with a bespoke kitchen.

Handmade Bespoke Kitchen

More Than Just a Kitchen Space

Having something bespoke is about having something specific to you, to your requirements, to your taste. It is something that suits your lifestyle and your needs.

You may be seeking a space that operates like a professional kitchen. Or, perhaps, you want a space that accommodates to everyone in the family with maximum storage. Alternatively, you may be looking for a minimalistic kitchen with technological features and little clutter.

These days, kitchen spaces aren’t just for cooking and dining but are being doubled up and used for additional purposes. Like working from home or where the kids do homework. We have noticed the need for more seating areas or hide away sections for equipment/filing to be incorporated into designs.

Additionally, with open living, design requires having as much floor space as possible. This may result in providing hide away utility areas or discreet storage to keep the kitchen organised and spacious.

When opting for a bespoke kitchen, all of these things can be discussed and included in your kitchen to suit your exact needs.

Master Craftmanship

A bespoke option offers you the best quality of furniture making; authentic cabinetry making methods should only increase the longevity of what you are paying for. It is important that the overall quality is demonstrated both externally and internally.

Handmade in our workshop

Getting a Guarantee

Ensuring that you have found a reputable genuine bespoke kitchen supplier, the design element and installation should also be part of the same service. It’s never really advisable to separate these factors.  

If a company is offering a guarantee, then they will want to be responsible for the installation. Being offered a stamp of assurance with a lifetime guarantee can only ensure extra security in knowing your investment has been made well.

Hand Drawn Designs Are a Rarity

Hand drawn designs are rare these days, but are an element that reflects the authenticity of having something bespoke without the need to rely on set models that are pre-set into a computerised system. Here at Salcey Cabinet Makers every design is drawn completely by hand and of course is entirely bespoke.

The cabinet maker who is making the kitchen should also be involved in how the kitchen is installed. This can have a paramount impact to the final result and quality of finish.

The process from start to finish should never be rushed. A good service is one that allows the client to make changes as design develops, ensuring their investment is the best it can be.

hand-drawn designs
Bespoke kitchen

To conclude:

So, while recognising that a bespoke kitchen can range in cost depending on each choice that is made, it can be said that on average a bespoke kitchen could cost around £30,000 including design, cabinetry, and fitting, plus an average cost of around £5,000 for worktops. So, if you have a feasible starting budget to enable a bespoke option, then you can control anything you want to add as you finalise the design.

Getting an estimated cost based on what you want before design is a good starting point to gauge a plan for a bespoke project.

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We love designing and making bespoke kitchens.

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