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How To Create The Perfect Bespoke Bedroom

How To Create The Perfect Bespoke Bedroom

The bedroom is the most personal space within your home, it’s where we go at the end of the day to unwind, relax, and sleep. Therefore it is important for this space to feel comfortable and individual to you.

There are many aspects to consider when designing your new bespoke bedroom and below we have listed 5 significant points for creating the perfect bespoke bedroom.

Bespoke bedroom and wardrobes


Your bedroom should reflect your personality and how you want this space to feel, so picking a design style and a colour theme that resonates with you is key.

There are endless options for bespoke bedrooms, whether you want something warm and traditional, or sleek and modern, we all have different tastes, and with bespoke furniture, nothing is out of bounds.

Gaining some inspiration is a great first step into creating the perfect bespoke bedroom – it can help narrow down ideas and give a clearer understanding as to what kind of things you like and what you don’t like.

Our portfolios can provide a wide range of inspiration to help you get some ideas, and we are always able to offer our advice throughout the process.

Bespoke wardrobe with bookshelves


The design stage of creating your bespoke bedroom is incredibly important – everything must be thought through with precision and care. With our expertise and experience we know just how to create the perfect space that you wish for. From planning the layout, to choosing the materials, and all the way to the smallest of details, we will ensure that everything works perfectly together. This way the room will blend together as one and everything will be placed exactly where it is both most convenient and aesthetic.

bespoke dressing table


Unlike off-the-shelf furniture, we base the entire design of your bedroom around what you own, the specific measurements of the area, and how you use the space.

Taking all these things into consideration means every aspect of your room will be perfectly suited for you. There will be no more awkward spaces, no more lack of storage, and certainly no stuffy rooms.

You can have designated storage solutions to perfectly store or display your personal items, curved cabinetry can be used to create a better flow around your room, interiors of wardrobes can include the exact amount of shelving or hanging that you need for your items – possibilities really are endless. This is just one of the big perks to choosing to have a bespoke bedroom.

Bespoke oak wardrobe


The quality of your bedroom can make all the difference to creating the perfect bespoke bedroom. In a space where we spend a lot of time relaxing and resting, you not only want it to look the part but also feel it.

Here at Salcey Cabinet Makers our bespoke bedrooms, while each unique to the individual customer, all present the most excellent quality. From the design to the chosen materials, from the handmaking of the furniture and all the way to the final touches and fitting, we ensure that through every process the quality is consistently at its best. This means that your bespoke bedroom will not just look luxurious but also feel luxurious

handmade bespoke chest of drawers


Small details can be easy to overlook, however, these can actually have a big impact on both the overall appearance and the feel. There are endless choices for these features, including handles, hinges, mirrors, and lighting. For example, for a modern style wardrobe you may want to opt for sleek simple handles, or even go handless. Or, perhaps, like the bespoke bedroom we made below, you may choose black raw iron handles and hinges for a more traditional, cottage look.

Mirrored doors can open up a small area, or strip lighting can be put on sensors on the interiors of wardrobes for an added luxury feel.

Whatever the details may be, they remain a significant part of creating the perfect bespoke bedroom and must be chosen with care.

bespoke bedroom

If you have been dreaming of having the perfect bespoke bedroom, whether it be for you or for your children, here at Salcey Cabinet Makers, we can make this a reality.

We can guarantee you the most excellent quality and services so please do contact us if you are interested, and we can be sure to help. For an obligation free proposal contact us on zena@salceycabinetmakers.co.uk or visit our website www.salceycabinetmakers.co.uk

bespoke wardrobes