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Ornate Bespoke Jewellery box

The Clients Project:

Our client wanted to commission an ornate jewellery box as a surprise present for his wife’s 50th birthday.

Clients brief: I think it would need a hinged lid with one / two drawers below also one deep drawer at each end perhaps. What I would like is it to be more quirky in it design and shape, so please let your designer free with a very wide brief. As for the wood if you could give me options then that would be great. Size spec: L – 900mm W – 300mm H – 200mm.
But most of all I want is it to be quirky and functional. So two drawers at front and a compartment with a lid hinge lid on top, one deep draw at each end if possible The sizes can be larger if need be.
As for the wood to be used, could I come and see what you think would best suit your design. Also would love it be possible once the item is finished could I have the original design work, so that I could get it framed for my wife as an additional memoir.

Our Ideas:

It may be nice to consider a mix of two timbers, you could go for something modern and have two contrasting tones of timber; American Black Walnut and Maple perhaps, or something more traditional, and having two timbers that will complement each other say Oak and Burr Oak / Pippy Oak. We drew up a few options but the client went with the design as below. We also explored the idea of sourcing some waney edged burr.