Our Feature in the Listed Heritage Magazine

This month we featured in the Listed Heritage magazine, membership journal of the Listed Property Owners Club. You can read the article below. Creating a Bespoke Kitchen for a Mid-19th Century Home Some of the most beautiful and characterful homes in Britain are listed properties, however, they do come with their unique challenges. When looking […]

A Bespoke Kitchen Renovation

Over 15 years ago, here at Salcey Cabinet Makers, we designed and hand-made this traditional style bespoke kitchen. Since then, a new family have moved into this home and recently contacted us wishing to adapt this handmade kitchen to suit their personal taste.

How to be More Eco-friendly in the Kitchen

How to be More Eco-friendly in the Kitchen As we all know our planet is in need of immediate attention. It is estimated that more than 10 million tons of plastic is dumped into our oceans every year. While it may seem overwhelming as to where to start in helping our planet, even just the […]

The Origin of the Modern Kitchen

The exact origin of the modern kitchen as we know it today is hard to pinpoint to a date as it has been a gradual evolution through time. However, it could perhaps be said that the concept of the kitchen began with the discovery of fire over 100,000 years ago.